Innovation Workshop

Innovation live erleben: Gemeinsam mit dem renommierten Innovationscoach Edwin Poorte machen wir uns auf den Weg nach Polen. Fünf Tage Inspiration in naturnaher Umgebung: Im gemütlichen Ambiente eines alten Gutshauses nutzen wir unsere kollektive Brainpower, um Neues zu lernen und die Welt ein Stückchen zu verbessern. Seien Sie dabei, wenn in entspannter Workshop-Atmosphäre innovative Ideen entstehen!

Design a business concept centered around vertical farming.

Why vertical farming?

Vertical farming is revolutionizing agriculture by enabling efficient food production in urban spaces. By growing crops stacked in controlled indoor environments, vertical farms maximize yield while minimizing land, water, and energy usage. Liberated from reliance on weather and soil, these urban oases can produce pesticide-free crops year-round, no matter the climate. 

Situated right where produce is consumed, vertical farms eliminate food miles and spoilage from long-distance transport. With the world's population rapidly urbanizing, innovative vertical farming provides a sustainable way to cultivate fresh, nutritious food for tomorrow's cities. Join the vertical farming movement and help drive the future of food.

The Innovation Event of the Year

October 2-7, 2023 in Netno, Poland

In 5 days, design your own business concept around future technologies like vertical farming.

From initial idea to marketable product: Together with like-minded people, develop a viable business model and finally find your calling.                                                                                You will receive an actionable roadmap to implement your ideas and successfully launch a business.


Feeling there must be more to life? Need a new Perspective? Sense that something important is missing? Want to finally make your dreams come true?

  • 02.10.2023Abfahrt in Berlin

    Wir treffen uns in den Headquarters der Libellenkönigin und reisen gemeinsam nach Polen in unser Gutshaus.
  • 02.10-07-10.23Fünf Tage Kreativität

    Mit Innovationscoach Dr. Edwin Poorte von Troyka Innovations
  • Oktober 23Intensiver Workshop

    Von der Idee zur Markreife in 5 Tage. Wir nutzen den Troyka Weg zum Erfolg

Then this workshop is perfect for you!

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  • Netno 11, 78-504 Polen

Booking and further Info:

We can only take a small group of selected individuals with us. Give us a call or drop us a line to see if we are a good fit together. +49 172 320 6755 MAIL@DRAGONFLYGREENS.DE
Ultimately, opting to delve into vertical farming could illuminate a path to a purposeful career, intertwining technological innovation, ecological stewardship, community engagement, and personal advancement. This is your chance to wield positive influence on both present and future generations, confronting imminent challenges with a sustainable and forward-looking approach.

Claude Dragonfly


Innovation the Troyka Way:

  • Intensive collaboration and brainstorming in a creative team

  • The right perspective for innovative thinking

  • Focus on the essentials

  • Success with passion and enjoyment


Personal coaching from the best:

Benefit from the accumulated know-how of innovation expert Edwin Poorte from the Netherlands.

With over 20 years of experience, he will guide you securely to your goal.

5 day program full of input and hands-on practice.

Technology perspective

From an innovation point of view, a shortage of food in a congested city is a nice opportunity for some development. Why would agriculture rely on 5000 year old methods of traditional farming, where everything else in the society of our world has been under large developments?

Technology to enhance nature. This is a peculiar matter, as those that truly understand how the biology of nature is, tend to mistrust any technological interference with that natural processes. Grass does not grow any faster by having a robot pulling on the leaves.

Likewise, those that have put their trust in technology, often ignore the devastating long term effects of technology with respect to waste production, pollution, exhausting of natural resources and other long-term-misery.

Any technological solution to agriculture must thus be fully embraced both the biological perspective and the engineering perspective. This calls for an integrated approach, and that is why Troyka Innovation has been engaged by Libellen Königin.

In terms of innovation, the first that needs to happen is to define what problems are relevant and what Ideal Final Result should be pursued. The Ideal Final Result is a concept derived from TRIZ (The theory of inventive problem solving), and will be used as part of the workshop.